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What Is A Niche?


I get asked a few questions more than others, the first is – What is a blog; followed by – How to start a blog; followed immediately by – What is a niche? In this post I am going to assume you’ve discovered the answer to the first question. However, in order to answer question 2 we need to start with answering question 3.


What is a Niche?

Let’s break this down into the following categories to make is easier to grasp:

  • Niche Market
  • Niche Audience
  • Online Niche Marketing

The better you understand what a Niche is, the better you will be set up to start your Blog. This is more important than choosing your Domain or the name of your Company, and you know how vitally important that is to your business, right?

When you focus on a Niche… you put yourself in the best position to be successful. 

What is a Niche Market?

This can be defined by another term you may be familiar with known as Target Marketing. So in essence, a Niche Market can be determined by figuring out who you want to target. That’s the start of it at least.

We don’t want to start a blog and say we are going to target Adults. That is too broad, so in determining your Niche Market you want to winnow that down. Adults is a good starting place, but it not even close to discovering who your ultimate Market will be. Consider your interests are and what products you’d like to promote. (We’ll go through the steps in choosing the right niche later in this post)

So, if you have already decided that sports is your favorite topic, then we have something to work with. Start asking yourself some specific questions. Start broad and narrow it down. Do this on a sheet of paper, don’t do this in your head. You’ll forget some really important stuff along the way if you wing it.

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Here’s an example: (Bare with me. There are certainly better examples, but I hope this expresses the point well enough)
  • Niche Topic: Sports
    • Football / Basketball / Baseball / Soccer / Tennis / etc..
      • (Narrow this down further) – Which is your favorite? Let’s say Football
      • Football (keep narrowing this down)
        • NFL / CFL / Arena / College / High School / Pop Warner – (Let’s choose High School for this example)
        • High School (this is looking good as we get more specific)

As we go through the steps, we can see our Niche Market is revealing itself. The more topics  we can break down, the more evident our market becomes.

What is a Niche Audience

So now that we have our Niche Market, we can put ourselves in the shoes of our audience to see which interested parties would benefit from our Blog. In order to do this, we continue from where we left off… at High School Football

  • High School Football
    • What about HS Football is important to your Blog and your community?
      • Coaching / Preparing for Scholarships / High School Football Creates Leaders / How to juggle sports and academics / Protecting your child from Football related injuries / How to get a College to Scout your HS Football Player

Again you can see, when we jot down our thoughts, we’re attempting to consider which problems our HS Football audience may be faced with. This allows our audience to reveal themselves. I can now clearly see my Football Blog is more about High School Football in general.

Therefore, my Niche Market goes from simply ADULTS to a more definitive class of Both High School Students and their Parents focused on Football. I would choose to focus on one or the other. To do this we would need more research to see what keywords are being searched and as well as gender and age range of the person completing the search. (More about this below)

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Dude Tip: A blog is about finding problems (via communities and keyword search), addressing these problems, and offering in-depth quality solutions. This is called Thought Leadership Content. 

Online Niche Marketing

Online Niche Marketing is therefore dialing down and focusing in on a segment of a larger market.

An offline example would be Dell Computers. They are in a large market (computers), but they focus themselves in various niche markets to increase their exposure and profits. Such as, all in one printers for the home business, or laptops specifically geared towards college students. This includes price points as well as the basics that are better suited for a college student vs. a gamer or graphic designer. (other niche markets by the way).

Online Niche Marketing works in the same way. Take Football and winnow down into something less competitive to market towards.

What is the importance of Niche Marketing?

It’s simple, you can compete online with a Football Blog and see how far that gets you in Google page rankings, or you can focus your business on High School Football.

The former, you’ll be competing with NFL, ESPN, Sporting Goods stores, etc… The latter will be significantly less competitive. Although more traffic is generally great, I would take less traffic knowing I am creating a loyal following any day of the week. When you focus on a Niche… you put yourself in the best position to be successful.

You know how and you can start to see why we focus on a niche or multiple niche, but let me show you something to bring this home.

Here is a screenshot of a couple of keyword searches for our new niche:

football niche







You can see, using google’s keyword planner, every month there are a lot of people searching for the term “football” and “high school football”. Also, notice there is little to no competition for these keywords. If you wanted to run an Ad… it would just be your site! 10k-100k people each month would see just your ad.

HS Football Google Search









Imagine having a great article and monetizing your site with ads for NFL gear, equipment, football video games, etc… one Amazon affiliate link would easily pay for this top spot ad. Feature rising local stars, highlight reels from big games, help schools with fund raisers through your site, etc… THAT is the power of a niche. You simply can’t be as successful with a general, all inclusive, website.


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