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Let’s face it. Business can be a fight, particularly when you’re trying to establish one online. And like all fights, to succeed you must find the winning techniques and apply them. We need customers and clients to discover us, love us and keep returning for more. We as well know that the best businesses are authorities at branding. Who doesn’t know the Nike commercials? What individual in the entire world doesn’t recognize the golden arches? We sing along to radio jingles to a higher degree than we do the top-40 hits! So let’s have a look at this subject.

Why Do We Blog?

I think we need to be honest here. Sure you might like knitting so much you feel like talking about it all day everyday, but is that the main reason for your blog? You could join a forum and discuss knitting that way. So much easier than starting your own website and looking for people to discuss the newest knitting techniques, right? Exactly, no body does this. We create a blog because not only do we have something to share, but we have a desire and a basic need to make money. We want to support our families. And let me tell you, there isn’t a darn thing wrong with it!

What Is A Blog?

I don’t mean to assume you’ve never heard of the word “Blog” or don’t understand what “bloggers” do. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but I feel for the most part, people get the idea by now. So what am I getting at? Consider this, instead of perceiving a Blog as something written, imagine it is your favorite radio station (maybe your favorite sports station or top 40s music). The two are really not that dissimilar, the only difference is the medium to which you are receiving the message. A radio station has a show, could be the morning show on the way in to work, but this show aims to grab an audiences attention and keep their attention. When starting a Blog, your main focus should follow along in the same manner.

Assume you are now looking to advertise on your favorite radio station. It’s your favorite, so likely it is the favorite of others. In fact, it might have top ratings. The higher the ratings, we can easily predict, the higher the cost to advertising and the more money the radio station makes. If you build your Blog to catch, hold, and engage your readers every day, (just like your favorite radio show) you will have yourself a successful Blog and regular stream of income. Be creative, I have hear radio shows go off their main topic (ex. espn Michael Kay Show does an entertainment segment. They don’t necessarily talk sports during this segment. Why? Because although their audience enjoys listening to a sports station, Michael Kay clearly understands his audience likes other similar topics as well. Sports can easily lead into entertainment AND even be included within that segment if a player does something sensational.

Here’s an example (something I will be incorporating myself shortly), have a page dedicated to things you personally enjoy. You can place it in the sidebar or at the end of the post “Jamie’s Favorite Things”. On this page, you can discuss off-topic items, people get to see a more intimate side of the author. You become relate-able and relating to your audience can provide huge returns. Don’t stop there, link topics in your favorite things page to your other niche websites. Because people who already like you… are more likely to loyal members of your other sites! You’ve worked hard to create authority and legitimacy, bring your tribe along with you to your other sites.

What Do I Blog About?

This is a great question and in the blogging community, this is more widely known as “my niche“. You Blog about your niche. This can be a lot of things. Determining our niche can sometimes be hard to do. If this is your first Blog, your niche should be something you either know / very familiar with, or something you truly enjoy. I say this because the most important thing you can do for your Blog is to keep it fresh. Letting your Blog go stale by losing interest and avoiding new content is a quick killer. To have a successful Blog you need to be ranked on the first couple of pages of Google. Keeping your site fresh will help you do this.

How Often Do I Need To Blog?

In order for your site to be accepted as an online authority, there are several current rules of engagement. First, you need to write original, interesting content, 2-3 times a week. If you are consistent with this, Google will give your site better ranking. When ranking sites, Google gives the most weight to original content from a fresh website. This is called Thought Leadership. So blogging 2-3 times per week will keep the site fresh. (You can certainly post more than that, however it doesn’t seem to improve ranking). That said, posting less than 2 times is not enough to move your site up. Remember, Google’s algorithm has a reward AND penalty strategy. It goes without saying, you want Google to reward your site.

Believe it or not, Blogging makes the world go ’round. Well money, makes the world go ’round and Blogging is a new avenue for people to spend advertising monies. First we had paper, then it was radio, television, and now the internet. So many companies are more than happy to pay for advertising on our Blogs and it is very okay to let them! Just remember, this is a long process, and there is NO get rich quick scheme, so stop spending your money looking for one. There are wonderful tools on the web to help us develop great content and draw traffic, but at the end of the day, it comes down to whether or not you are able to nurture your Blog seed into that redwood of all redwoods.

Now it’s your turn:

What favorite strategies have you read or performed for your site? Are you struggling with finding a niche?

Blog-On My Dudes!

The Dude

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6 thoughts on “Blog It Up!

  1. Hmm, a blog is like a radio station used to keep people’s attention. That is a very interesting comparison and I think it’s spot on too! I am going to keep that in mind when I write new posts from now on.

    Since I’m pretty new to the whole blogging scene myself, I am always looking for ways to improve. For example, I was not aware of Google’s system of promoting people up who blog about three times a week and DEMOTING the people who blog only once or less. Good to know so that I can avoid being penalized.

    Do you like to focus exclusively on getting ranked in Google, or do you also work on some of the other search engines as well?


    1. Hi Nick, I’m glad you appreciate the radio analogy. I do focus only on Google at the moment. Not that Bing and Yahoo, et al don’t have anything to offer. Google is the most widely used. I also know more about Google Ranking than I do about the others, so that plays a rather large role in my approach. Here’s a quick n dirty stat… Almost 70% of all searches are through Google. Bing has about 13% and Yahoo around 12%. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing Dude, you are right with what you say, but it is just soo amazing the amount of time that a person have to spend writing good content. It can even be a bit more hard when trying to balance a full time job along with family that also demands your attention and other commitments, but the truth is this what has to happen until you can go full time working for yourself. Your post is well detailed, filled with great information and so easy to follow!

    1. Thanks Norman! Yes it can be daunting to get moving. But stick with it Norman, you will find a light at the end of tunnel and be able to fire your boss eventually! Just think, when you finally reach that day… you can look back at all the work you put into your site and know YOU did this! Nobody gave it to you! Thanks Norman! Good luck!

  3. Hi TMD 😉

    Sound advice here.

    I saw a big shift when I did the energy work. I ceased being a newbie blogger, then I ceased being a struggling blogger, then I began BEING a successful blogger. I faced, felt and released some deep fears but those few moments were well worth the guy I became. And of course, part of that being involved helping a bunch of folks, guest posting like a machine, creating hundreds of BFP products on Amazon (between eBooks audio books and paperbacks) and loving the ride.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Ryan! Awesome, I appreciate the insight. It certainly can be challenging to keep the energy moving in a positive direction. Thanks for sharing your experience. Guest posting is a great way to get the word out. What I am seeing now, is a trend in the guest posting space whereby companies may not ever give you the traffic you are seeking due to other parameters. Let me give you a quick example. Huffington Post allows guest blogs, however an excellently written post may never see the light of day if it doesn’t take off immediately with shares, likes, etc… or of course if the topic is not something the site chooses to promote at this time. So the advice I received was to contact the company before going through the effort of submitting your greatest literary piece into the abyss of lost guest posts. 🙂

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