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How To Make Money Watching TV!

Get Paid To Watch TV -Netflix Nielsen Perk Swagbucks

  Yep, you read that correctly! I’m going to show you How To Make Money Watching TV!This is a very tough business to get into, but have faith, there are still some ways. So keep your heads up and your eyes glued because here comes the list!

Viggle… It!


Viggle TV has a large list of tv shows for you to choose from. Once you go to the site, you give them your phone number and they text you the app. or you can download the app straight from you phone.

After you’ve installed the app. all you need to do is tap the app while you are watching TV or Streaming shows on providers like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

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Picture of Amazon Firestick

Engage with your friends and collect points. You get 1 point per minute + any bonuses you earn through engaging. Then just redeem your points to get real rewards and prizes.

To earn bonus points, just choose the Bonus Shows section to discover new shows and find the best bonus point opportunities. You’ll see 4x, 6x, or 10x Bonus Point Badges. Here’s what it looks like on from the inside:

Get Paid To Watch TV via Viggle

You can also choose from a lengthy list of videos to watch on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Most videos are just a few seconds and can range from news reports to movie trailers. I just earned 2 points watching a news report on Steph Curry breaking an NBA 3 point record. It took about 15 seconds and was informative! Choose whatever you want to watch, they have an “All Things Kardashian” if that’s more interesting to you than the NBA!

Netflix and Chill… With Some Cold Hard Cash!

Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Netflix is looking to hire people just like you! They need help identifying and categorizing the shows they have listed through a process called tagging. Once you are hired, all you need to do is identify (or tag) the shows as sci-fi, news, comedy, drama, etc…

The idea is to rank the shows on a scale from 1-5. The more a show identifies with a genre, the higher the ranking it gets. For example, even if a situation comedy like The Big Bang Theory didn’t get a lot of laughs, it would still get a high ranking in the category for comedy, since the objective of the show is to generate regular “laughs”. In order to do this well, you have to distance yourself from actually watching the show and redirect your attention towards determining what the show is trying to accomplish.

With that in mind, you don’t get to pick and choose your favorite shows. This entails a type of resolve that not everyone has. In other words, the perfect employee for this position is the true couch potato. The type of person that can sit through just about any show. From Power Rangers to Fun With Flags and anything else that comes their way.

Each tagger is given a list of shows to watch and report on. You will have a supervisor, who also tags shows. Usually the supervisors take the racier shows that might be offensive to anyone in your household. However, in many cases they will request volunteers before they tag the shows themselves. Otherwise they are there to answer questions and help you to become the best tagger in the history of the world!

Well, how much to do they pay? Unfortunately Netflix refuses to disclose the amount of money people can earn with this part-time position, however research shows it may equate to a few hundred a week! I think we can tag that under “Pretty Dang Awesome!”

As you can imagine, this is a very popular position, so Netflix only opens this position on an as needed basis. Make sure to check frequently for new job postings! Here’s the link to Netflix Jobs. The position is called Netflix Tagger. I have done some extensive research to find out when these positions will be open and if other companies provide these jobs as well (like Hulu or Amazon Prime). I have not found them at this point, but I will keep searching and update this post when I do!

Watch and Earn Swagbucks!Get Paid To Watch TV Swagbucks

Earn Swagbucks when you watch TV, listen to music, shop or play games. Swagbucks is like an all in one place to earn some extra cash in your spare time!

So here is how it works, you sign up here, enter in your information by answering a few questions about yourself, then choose what you’d like to do. By entering your information, you are providing them with a good description of your demographic. This way they can use that information to provide an analysis to companies that need help with their marketing. Here’s a look from the inside. There is a video tutorial to show you the ropes. Below you can see there is a list of videos for you. They range from News to Entertainment and Documentaries. If you don’t like the list, just click the arrow and scroll through more videos!

Swagbucks Watch TV To Make Money

In exchange for your demographic information, you earn Swagbucks for doing the things you do everyday! So if you are tired of the videos, you have tons of choices. For example, when you go shopping or eat out, you can link to the Swagbucks site, and every time you make a purchase you earn SBs! It’s that simple, and you can redeem your SBucks for gift cards. I use this to help me with my holiday shopping. If you keep adding SBucks until the end of the year, they really start to add up! Here’s an example of what the site looks like from the inside…

Swagbucks Make Money Eating, Shopping, Doing the things you like

You can see the places in your neighborhood that will give you cash back for dining at restaurants you already frequent. There is a search bar at the top that allows you to browse different places offering cash back. They are not all 7% cash back, some are 10% or more. Just take a look around and have fun earning cash back!

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You-Cubez Website

You-Cubez allows you to earn both money AND rewards for completing tasks online. This company is similar to Swagbucks… but not as cool. I am listing it because it is available, and if you want to take a look around, by all means check it out. However, in my opinion, don’t waste you time. I hope you don’t mind me being honest on this, I’m just not fond of this one, but hey… just because I don’t enjoy the platform doesn’t mean you won’t!

Take The Entire Family Or Just The Two You! All Inclusive! Beaches Negril Sale

The biggest turn off for me, is they have a premium version. So, they ask you to perform tasks to earn points, however if you PAY to become a premium member… then you get 15% more in rewards. This is a big turn off to me. That said, you can join as a free member to earn both cash and rewards. If you choose to use this site, please visit us again to comment on your experience. I would love to hear from you. Maybe I am just misunderstanding their system.


Become A Member of The Nielsen Family

Nielsen TV Viewing Diary

I am adding this to the list, because it does exist and is likely the most legit and profitable way to earn money watching TV or surfing the internet. That said, after much research and speaking with the Nielsen company themselves, it turns out they contact you. Not the other way around.

When Nielsen needs additional people to help them monitor ratings, they pull public reports and find a way to contact potential families. It seems they are focused on college students and that age range. This is a very popular demographic for them right now, so if this fits your description, you may be hearing from the next Nielsen Family member!

I wouldn’t sit by the phone, but if you do get a call or mail from them, don’t disregard or toss it away as junk mail. It is also important to contact Nielsen directly to ensure they actually did reach out to you. I have read there are scamers looking to take advantage of people using the Nielsen name.

If you would like to learn more, visit their website here.

But Wait….! Although you can’t apply for the Nielsen Family, you can still make money with Nielsen surfing the web! Here’s how it works, for every computer you connect to Nielsen: Sign Up Here
  • You get up to $50/year per device. Every year! 
  • You are entered into their monthly sweepstakes for $10,000

Here’s information from their Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I sign up?
  • Each month we give away $10,000 and everyone in the computer panel has a chance to win. There are opportunities for additional prizes depending on the devices you register and which panels you qualify for. For more specific rewards information, please see the table below.
  • Computer RewardsEarn entries into our sweepstakes. Each month we give away $10,000. The top prize earners each take home $1,000. There are 400 winners each month.
    Mobile RewardsRegister your mobile devices and earn points. Your points can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards. You can earn up to $50 in points by staying in the panel a year.

And if you are wondering… Yes I am a Nielsen Computer / Mobile Panel member!


Get Paid To Watch TV - Perk TV

Here is another great place to earn rewards and have fun watching videos. This company also allows you to earn points doing other fun things, but watching videos, trailers, and TV is their bread and butter… And we appreciate that!

The great thing about this app is that you can also watch LIVE TV and therefore you get to earn whilst watching the shows you love!

Here’s what it looks like on the inside of Perk.TV

Perk TV Get Paid To Watch TV

So go on, watch your favorite shows and earn rewards. For me, I like to use this site to watch trailers for new movies coming out, as well as keeping up on world news. I love this site for that. It helps me stay connected with what is trending in the world, and I get paid for it!

In Conclusion:

While these are all fantastic ways to earn extra money, let’s be honest, none of them are going to replace a full income. How I use these methods is to add extra income to my overall annual earnings. What this does for me, I use install the apps on my phone, or go to the website and login. Then I peruse the new shows, news, and trailers. It doesn’t take long to start racking up points, it’s fun, and then at the end of the year, I have extra money for gifts or a trip! I avoid using my credit cards and I get to take my spouse out on a free date. These are the things I think about when I visit these sites. It is a great way to keep your budget under control and it is rewarding all at the same time. 

I would certainly start by signing up with Nielsen, Viggle, and Swagbucks. If that wasn’t too overwhelming, I would also sign up for PerkTV. With Nielsen you are guaranteed to be entered into their sweepstakes AND get paid every year. I have 2 computers and 2 phones set up. We get $200 annually just from those devices. Adding in Viggle and Swagbucks, we are able to bring in hundreds each (depending on our commitment level). We primarily use the money to vacation. This really helps keep us sane and re-energizes us. When you are not using your credit cards to pay for a trip, it really makes that trip extra special.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Which site are you going to sign up for first? Do you use another site like these that are equal or better? How are you going to use your extra money?

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Money Watching TV!

  1. Hi Anthony,

    This is an incredibly cool idea. Because anytime you can earn coin watching TV you are heading in the right direction. I’d join the Netflix deal when positions open up. I’m always watching new shows over there anyway since I burn through entire seasons in hours or days, so I’m open to new niches or genres.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hey Ryan! Thanks for visiting the post and thanks for your comment! I have not be able to get a gig with Netflix either, so I am looking on their job site reqularly lol. Anyway, these are great to ease the pressure off of unanticipated one-off events like upcoming weddings, christenings, baby showers, etc… Depending on how often you frequent these sites, you may be able to use them to pay off the present. Hey at the very least, this is a great way to toss some extra money into credit card payments until they are all paid off! -Anthony

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