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How People Make Money Online


How To Make Money Online


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  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money
  • How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer
  • List Of Companies That Offer Affiliate Marketing Programs

In this article we are going to define affiliate marketing and describe exactly what it means in a practical sense; explain exactly how affiliate marketers implement this technique for making money, and we will layout exactly how you can do this as well.

How Do People Make Money Online?

Making money online is a lengthy subject. In this article we are going to discuss making online as an affiliate marketer (aka online marketer). If you would like to read about other options read this post or this one.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy whereby the marketer partners with a company to sell their products. When a product is recommended or mentioned and this translates into a sale, the marketer makes a commission. Ever consider making a purchase? Before making this purchase, you likely researched some online reviews right? Well, that’s what I do. When I come across a review, I will see the good the bad and the ugly about the product I am interested in purchasing. If I like what I am reading, all I need to do, is click the link in the review and make my purchase. From that purchase, the site owner earned a commission. (I am not saying this is 100% across the board. Not every company offers affiliate links)

How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

Generally speaking, affiliate (online) marketers have a website or weblog (aka Blog) as their main tool for getting the word out. In 1994, a gentleman by the name of Justin Hall, is considered the first person to create a homepage, which later was called a weblog and now referred to as just a Blog. In 2003 Google unveiled Adsense and Bloggers took to this, immediately generating tons of cash.

The more people learned about it, the more things changed, redeveloped, and were reinvented. At this point, affiliate marketing is big business and will continue to ever increase with the new search engine algorithms weeding out the non-credible sites. The key to this is, generating a lot of organic / natural traffic. Of course, you can pay for ads, but that can be a tough proposition. You are advertising for someone else. If you don’t make any commissions, the only person that loses is yourself. 
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Therefore, it is necessary to generate organic traffic. In this case we are discussing Bloggers. Using your website to generate traffic is a tricky business. You need to put a lot of time and energy into developing the site so it has fantastic content. Not just good content anymore, the content really needs to go above and beyond. To learn more about how to write good content that drives traffic read this post.

How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Obviously you need a website. Refer to this article on how to build a website and how to get a free website. Here’s a great place to get a free WordPress website, free hosting, and free affiliate marketing help!

From there you need to narrow down your target audience, also know as your niche market. This will help you in developing your content. Then you will know for which products you wish to find affiliate links and Banner Ads.

Once you know which products you wish to market for, finding their affiliate links is quite easy.

Go to Google and type in the following:

“Product” + “Affiliate Program”

This should generate the site straight away. Here’s an example: (list of other companies at the bottom)


Step 1: Google Search – “product” + “affiliate program”


 Step 2: Click Apply Now 
Step 3: Complete the Application Process (You may need to enter SS# and have a Paypal account) This process will generate an “Affiliate Token” or “Affiliate ID” that will be how your links are tracked for payment.


Step 4: Click Create Links

Step 5: Read Guidelines – Use Links According To Guidelines

Step 6: The best thing to do here is to go to the middle page and click on AUTO LINK MAKER. This will generate a link you can embed into your site. Or you can just create a TEXT link to copy and paste into your post or article.


#1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Program Here


Step 7: Auto Link Maker – Add your Affiliate Token ID to the blank field. The Code will add your token and then you can add this to your site page. iTunes affiliate site has step by step guides to add this code. It is not difficult, fear not!



Additional Step: Create TEXT Links (Save These Link Addresses To A File For Easy Access. Mine Are On A Word Doc)

You can do this for any company that offers an affiliate program. Give this a try. iTunes has a slightly different platform, but most will taking you through the apply and sign-up page. Many times you will have to wait to hear back. I am still waiting to hear back from some companies (weeks later). Usually you will hear back within 24-72 hrs with a link.


Affiliate marketing is a matter of having a website to add your affiliate links, great content for your readers to want to visit your site, a lot of traffic to make it profitable. After some months to a year, you will likely have enough traffic and making enough money for you to see the power and potential of this industry. It is a lot of work upfront, but eventually you will find yourself posting and promoting like clockwork.


Larger companies already understand this method of attracting Bloggers to do the advertising for them, and soon the mid-level companies will start to follow. As more companies come to see the light, the affiliate marketers that have stuck through the hard times generating excellent content will be the ones making the lion’s share.


Here’s a list to get you started – You need a site with content, before you will be offered affiliate links

  • Clickbank (hub for many digital marketing companies)
  • CJ Affiliate (hub for many companies)
  • Amazon (one link – no matter what the person buys after they click through to Amazon, you receive a commission)



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